The next cycle starts October 21st

@ The Duluth YMCA

Whether it’s changing your body, turning around your finances or finding passion in your relationship, you will discover not motivation but inspiration for you to accomplish what you need.

Strong Compass is looking for ten (10) veterans prepared to hold themselves accountable and responsible.....3 beliefs must exist to get leverage on yourself:

  • Something must change
  • I must change it
  • I can change it

Strong Compass meets three times per week for 1-hour full body workout and Dusty's Deep Thoughts. 

  • no cost to the veteran
  • full access to the YMCA facilities in Duluth and Superior
  • free child care while working out
  • free parking at the Holiday Center

Call the Duluth Vet Center to register for Strong Compass today!


veterans and the TRX low row
veterans and the TRX low row

Mission Statement

Strong Compass is a readjustment program dedicated to helping combat veterans make a purposeful and enduring transition to civilian life... improving the quality of life for the veteran and their family.

About Us



As veterans, we realize the mind and body cannot be separated. Calming the body sets the stage to calm the mind. STRONG COMPASS uses life coaching, fitness, proper nutrition and restful sleep techniques to promote a regulated life for the veteran, and ultimately their family.  

Interactions with fellow veterans, in a relaxed community environment, sets a pro-social stage for what is dubbed “social medicine.” Intensity, frequency, and duration of the program is critical to creating real and meaningful changes for the veteran and their family.  



This is more than just another PT program. Strong Compass is here to help vets in a verity of ways: Mood, Attitude, Self-Esteem, Improved Relationships, Sleep and Social Interactions.



Program Details

  1. No cost to combat vets
  2. Integrated Body, Mind & Lifestyle
  3. Focused Fitness, Nutrition & Sleep Program
  4. Everyone is a Vet
  5. Full YMCA Membership during the program
  6. All Equipment Provided
  7. Fitbit Fitness Tracker & Apps
  8. Real-Time Guidance & Counseling
  9. Measurable Progress & Outcomes
  10. Certified Trainers & Mentors
  11. Team Capstone  

Strong Compass Newsletter

A monthly email that gives you tips and tricks to improving your physical and mental health along with lifestyle ideas for your everyday life.

The Team

Director – 

   Dusty Oosten - (218) 340-2864

Operations Manager – 

   Nick Benjamin - (218) 390-8590

Financial Manager – 

   Buffy Fellows

Program Manager – 

   John Moder

Development Manager– 

   Andy Lisdahl - (218) 340-5105

Contact Us

Drop us a line!

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Strong Compass

524 N 22nd Street, Superior, Wisconsin 54880, United States


Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Dusty - (218) 340-2864

Nick - (218) 390-8590

Andy - (218) 340-5105